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Super Premium Filament

Our industry leading filament features exacting tolerance (0.03 mm), consistent roundness and each color is hand tested for optimal extrusion performance.

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BI V2.5 3D Printer

The BI V2.5 capably produces very large 300 mm diameter X 300 mm height prints and features an amazing print quality. With superior features such as injection molded parts, multiple extrusion, heat bed, LCD controller and auto-level probe, the BI V2.5 offers the best quality/pricing ratio of it’s category.

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Awesome 6DOF Kits

Coming Soon!

Our 6 DOF motion platform kits will allow you to study motion simulation and develop your own algorithms. Our kits will be Arduino/PC/MAC compatible, well documented and will include code examples.

Useful Things and Interesting Articles

We’ve made available our knowledge on select topics as well as a large selection of useful things designed by our staff during various projects.

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3D Printer Buyer’s Guide – Find the Best 3D Printer!

Introduction Just a few years ago, 3D printing objects seemed to be a sci-fi fantasy reserved only for high end prototyping labs. Nowadays, printing everyday objects in the home is a reality that is bringing ever more performance and affordability to the consumer. Since the 90’s, the 3D printing concept started evolving and picking up […]

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Carbon3D – Terminator Inspired Accelerated 3D Printing Technology

Technology Breakthrough: The Carbon3D startup recently presented a prototype exploiting a new approach using resin, light and oxygen to accelerate conventional DLP/SLA 3D printing at a TED conference in Vancouver. The team candidly admits that they were inspired by Terminator 2 T-1000 ability to re-constitute itself from a puddle of material when thinking about ways […]

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3D Printers: Technology Rundown

Introduction 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing (AM) is a process of making three-dimensional objects through an additive process in which successive layers of material are laid atop one another to form a desired shape. AM can be traced back to the 1980s when the first forms of AM equipment and process came to […]

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Improvements between BI V2.0 and V2.5

*Pre-order end May 26th, order the BI V2.5.* Introduction After our very successful Kickstarter campaign for the BI V2.0 3D printer we immediately decided to re-invest and vastly improve the proposed design. The number of upgrades and improvement was such that the new machines would be versioned as BI V2.5 to reflect these advances. In […]

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